NitroSense Technology

The core concept of NitroSense Technology is combining an innovative substance and an innovative delivery system to create highly efficient and easy to use products for local delivery of NO.

We use a system for local delivery of nitric oxide to different parts of the body. The major advantages of the NitroSense Technology lie in the ability to deliver well-defined amounts of pure NO over shorter as well as longer time periods.

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Innovative substance

Nitric oxide (NO) is a well known natural substance produced by the human body. NO is a potent signal substance involved in several vital functions of the body, such as relaxation of smooth muscle and neurotransmission. This simple molecule is a potent anti-pathogenic substance protecting the body from virus, bacteria, fungi and parasites. NO is part of the human defense system against disease and promotes healing.

Nitric oxide is an unstable molecule, why it is difficult to deliver it in its pure form. Storage of nitric oxide in a donor material, i.e. stabilization of the molecule, is therefore highly beneficial when looking to take advantage of its positive traits. Storage of nitric oxide means that you can choose when to make use of it and extend the time of action.

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Innovative delivery system

To efficiently deliver a substance locally you need an appropriate vehicle. The NitroSense Technology is adaptable and can be integrated in several tailor-made products, to ensure NO delivery

  • to the right place
  • at the right time
  • in the right amount.

The versatility of our technology allows effective local therapy for a wide range of indications. Possible dosage forms include powder, tablets, suspensions and solutions, dressings and patches, and electrospun nanofibers.

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Major advantages of NitroSense Technology

  • Pure NO
    The NitroSense system does not need to be metabolized in the body to release NO. It starts to release NO when it comes in contact with the activation agent. NitroSense system + Activation agent => pure NO. No undesired or undefined cleavage products are produced.

    The technology allows for the release of a well-defined range of doses of NO in its purest form from dermatological patches and other devices, allowing improved function for a wide range of medical devices.
  • High local dose
    NitroSense Technology enables high but strictly local concentrations of NO.
  • Controlled release
    NitroSense Technology combines a highly potent material with an innovative delivery system, allowing a controlled and long-lasting release. Even if NO has a half life of only a few seconds under normal ambient conditions, the unique sustained-release technology permits continuous release for several hours, even days, depending on the delivery system.
  • Local delivery
    The short lifetime of nitric oxide combined with the design of our innovative delivery system makes local delivery possible. The exposure can be targeted to the area where the positive actions of nitric oxide are best benefited from, for example to keep a device free from bacterial growth.
  • Ease of use
    NOLabs creates vehicles characterized by ease of use, offering the possibility for non professionals to take advantage of the benefit of NO. The NitroSense Technology is adaptable to existing medical devices enabling an easy introduction to new areas.
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    • 2009-01-19

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